Tangelos + blackberries … swoon!

The tangelos are finally here! I’ve been checking the farmer’s market for months, and our friends at Schletewitz Family Farm have finally started sharing these crazy-sweet beauties.


I bought as many as I could carry on a rainy Friday along with a huge box of plump blackberries from Medina Berry Farm to make this month’s featured jam: Blackberry Tangelo Orange.

I’ll be honest, this jam takes a little more work than most. I trim the peels and pith to get just the candy-sweet tangelo pulp, and then I run the berries through a food mill to minimize seeds.

But it’s worth the effort to get such a smooth, sunshiney jam – and the kitchen smells amazing.

This is an especially small batch of jam, so if you want a jar, don’t wait too long to order a jar or three!

180306_tangelo jam

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