Now baking pumpkin bread!

Homemade loaves of pumpkin bread

Share a large loaf at your Thanksgiving table, or gift small loaves to those who sweeten your life

Just in time for Thanksgiving: pumpkin bread! Based on a family recipe, these aromatic loaves feature organic pumpkin, flour, sugar, and eggs and a special blend of spices.

We’re taking orders now for delivery by Nov. 18. Pumpkin bread is offered in two sizes: full-size loaf for $8 and mini loaves for $3.50 each. This bread freezes beautifully and makes a perfect seasonal gift. (We’ll be baking more after in December!)

You won’t find these on our menu yet – I’ve been baking and spinning and enjoying family so much I have yet to update that! Contact us to order yours – quantities are limited.

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