About us

We’re a small, family-run dessert shop based in our home kitchen in Sunnyvale, Calif. Darienne is the head sugar boss, with lots of help from partner-in-everything Doug and up-and-coming spinners Finn and Calvin. Darienne makes jam, cookies, and pumpkin bread too, following in the footsteps of her talented mom.

Our cotton candy is always made with organic sugar and natural flavors – no artificial colors or flavors. We use organic or pesticide-free ingredients as much as possible, and we source as much as we can from California farms and businesses.

We want to help make our community a kinder, healthier, safer, and sweeter place for everyone. We donate 5% of proceeds to Sunnyvale Community Services, which works to prevent homelessness and hunger in Sunnyvale and surrounding areas. When we can’t find supplies locally, we purchase them through a program that supports local non-profits. Sweet Silk is available for local fundraising events, too.

Please reuse and recycle our plastic tubs and glass jars!

Have a question? Drop us a note!