Now baking pumpkin bread!

Homemade loaves of pumpkin bread

Share a large loaf at your Thanksgiving table, or gift small loaves to those who sweeten your life

Just in time for Thanksgiving: pumpkin bread! Based on a family recipe, these aromatic loaves feature organic pumpkin, flour, sugar, and eggs and a special blend of spices.

We’re taking orders now for delivery by Nov. 18. Pumpkin bread is offered in two sizes: full-size loaf for $8 and mini loaves for $3.50 each. This bread freezes beautifully and makes a perfect seasonal gift. (We’ll be baking more after in December!)

You won’t find these on our menu yet – I’ve been baking and spinning and enjoying family so much I have yet to update that! Contact us to order yours – quantities are limited.

Apple and honey cotton candy for Rosh Hashanah!

Looking for the sweetest way to welcome the new year? Our Apple Honey Cotton Candy is a special Rosh Hashanah treat!

We blend juicy apple flavor with luxurious honey fluff, and top it off with crisp dried apple. Made with organic sugar and natural ingredients, Apple Honey Cotton Candy is kosher, vegan, gluten-free, and always made fresh to order. Small tubs are $3, large are $6.

Best wishes for a sweet new year!

▷ Learn more about our cotton candy or place an order

2018_rosh hashanah candy 3

Apricot & lavender love

Apricot and lavender jam ingredients

I picked up a few pounds of these beautiful just-blushing apricots at the Creekside Farmers Market this morning. It was chilly and sprinkling — heading into Memorial Day weekend! — but these little bits of sunshine made my day.

They’ll spend the night in the fridge hanging out with some lavender sprigs and a bit of sugar, so by morning they’ll be extra juicy and infused with lavender flavor before getting cooked down a bit and packed into jars.

The sweetness of this jam comes mostly from the fruit. We use much less added sugar than you’ll find in typical – just over half a teaspoon per ounce.

Apricot lavender jam is especially good with sweet breads and muffins, and just lovely on scones. This is a very small batch, so be sure to order your jar soon!

Introducing our new menu!

blue puffWe’ve just added a full menu with all of our cotton candy, jam, and cookie flavors! You can view it online or print it here: Sweet Silk Treats menu.

Our menu includes all of our 50+ individual cotton candy flavors dozens of toppings, as well as our current specialty flavors (including Lychee Matcha, Strawberry Lemonade, and Poppin’ Cotton Candy).

In addition to jams that our currently available, the menu also has a sneak peek of which jams are coming soon as spring gives way to summery weather in the Bay Area. Our shortbread cookies – made with just flour, butter, sugar, and fruit and herbs – are there too.

If you’re looking for a special gift, we’ve added gift baskets where you can mix-and-match cotton candy, jam, and cookies. Use our Cotton Candy Collections on the menu to customize the perfect basket: Maybe a floral bouquet with jasmine, lavender, and violet cotton candy and a dozen lavender shortbread cookies? Or perhaps a coffee shop basket with caramel latte, Earl grey, and cinnamon bun cotton candy with a side of chai shortbread?

Check out the Sweet Silk Treats menu and then contact us to start your order!

Tangelos + blackberries … swoon!

The tangelos are finally here! I’ve been checking the farmer’s market for months, and our friends at Schletewitz Family Farm have finally started sharing these crazy-sweet beauties.


I bought as many as I could carry on a rainy Friday along with a huge box of plump blackberries from Medina Berry Farm to make this month’s featured jam: Blackberry Tangelo Orange.

I’ll be honest, this jam takes a little more work than most. I trim the peels and pith to get just the candy-sweet tangelo pulp, and then I run the berries through a food mill to minimize seeds.

But it’s worth the effort to get such a smooth, sunshiney jam – and the kitchen smells amazing.

This is an especially small batch of jam, so if you want a jar, don’t wait too long to order a jar or three!

180306_tangelo jam