Cookies, jam & pumpkin bread


Shortbread cookies

Rich, buttery star-shaped shortbread made with organic butter, sugar, and flour  Offered in a constellation of elegant flavors:

chai  •  lavender  •  orange  •  rosemary  •  lemon lavender  •  lemon rosemary

Freshly baked shortbread cookies keep perfectly for up to a week — freeze for longer storage. $5 per dozen

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Sweet Silk’s handcrafted jams showcase California-grown, pesticide-free fruits and are low in sugar, so the fresh flavors shine especially bright. Jam is made to order, and availability varies throughout the year.

Blackberrystrawberry balsamic  •  mixed berry  •  apricot lavender  •  blueberry orange  •  peach rosemary  •  blackberry tangelo orange   •  plum lemon verbena  •  cranberry strawberry  •  plum ginger  •  pear cranberry  •  strawberry fig  •  tangelo orange marmalade

Jars keep 1 year. Once opened, refrigerate and enjoy within 3 weeks. $6 per half-pint (3-jar minimum)

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Pumpkin bread

Homemade loaves of pumpkin breadBased on a family recipe, these aromatic loaves feature organic pumpkin, flour, sugar, and eggs and a special blend of spices. Pumpkin bread freezes beautifully and makes a perfect seasonal gift. Available October-December. $8 per full loaf, $3.50 per mini loaf.


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