Apricot & lavender love

Apricot and lavender jam ingredients

I picked up a few pounds of these beautiful just-blushing apricots at the Creekside Farmers Market this morning. It was chilly and sprinkling — heading into Memorial Day weekend! — but these little bits of sunshine made my day.

They’ll spend the night in the fridge hanging out with some lavender sprigs and a bit of sugar, so by morning they’ll be extra juicy and infused with lavender flavor before getting cooked down a bit and packed into jars.

The sweetness of this jam comes mostly from the fruit. We use much less added sugar than you’ll find in typical – just over half a teaspoon per ounce.

Apricot lavender jam is especially good with sweet breads and muffins, and just lovely on scones. This is a very small batch, so be sure to order your jar soon!

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